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 Trend Trading at its simplest! (0 Replies, Read 26544 times)
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I wanted to share this system I have developed with the help of the THV thread. I had a similar thread in another area (not the systems) but this is more of a system so I think it will be able to help some more people. So, here it is.
Most of what I will show will be taught through pictures as I am a visual learner but I want to share what I am doing and have found works ever better than the last thread here.
Trade with the trend, Enter trade at recent support/resistance, Identify overbought and oversold conditions, Enter at a reasonable price, after markets appear to have started to reverse

The idea first of all is to find a trend. We are trading the trend. IN order to have a buy signal, we must have in place a buying market. In other words, higher highs and higher lows. (with moving averages moving up and the "trend moving average" MUST be green) Also, price must be bouncing off of recent support (double bottom). We must also have oversold conditions, shown on our charts by what i refer to as a hidden divergence on THV and preferably Stochastics as well. We will enter into a buy trade once the THV has turned from red to green and we get a buy candle (HA candles). Stops are placed below the recent lows and Targets are the last swing high in most cases. Also, price MUST be at the moving averages which I share with the templates. Sell trades are the exact opposite. Reward to risk MUST be a minimum of 1 to 1. Its quite simple so take a look at the charts ive posted and I think you will get it. Of course, ask questions and Ill try to answer them.

For more details: video marketing

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